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Visa applications are not always straight forward – immigration legislation can be very complicated. Problems may arise where there has been a refusal or cancellation, a criminal or medical issue, a change in circumstances or even an innocent mistake. Our extensive experience and technical understanding of immigration law allows us to take a strategic approach to complex cases. It is important for our clients to understand that, in most cases, several steps must be taken to achieve a positive outcome.

Read some of our key cases to see how we have successfully overcome our clients’ complex situations.    

Automatic Visa Cancellation

Passport: Greece

Procedures: Bridging Visa E; ETA; Student; Stu

A father came to Australia on a student visa together with his family. He then abandoned them and disappeared. A year later, without warning, the Department of Home Affairs automatically cancelled the visas of the mother and her three children.

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Health Waiver (Autistic Child)

Passport: Philippines

Procedures: 457 Visa; ENS; Health Waiver

An IT professional had been working in Australia for 10 years. He had left his autistic child in the Philippines because his medical condition failed the health requirement. The risk in applying for the permanent visa was the “one fail, all fail” rule – his autistic child would result in the refusal of the whole family.

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