Australia has closed its borders for the next six months in response to the Covid-19 (corona virus) pandemic. Below is important information for temporary visa holders and visa applicants.

The Australian government's regulations in response to COVID-19 changing regularly. Subscribe to our updates to stay informed on how you may be affected.


Only the following people may enter Australia during this time:

  • Australian citizens

  • Australian permanent residents

  • New Zealand citizens normally resident in Australia

  • Spouses, partners, children and dependents of the above

  • If you have a compelling or compassionate reason to enter Australia


If you are listed above, you must request permission to enter.


If you have recently been granted a permanent resident visa (eg skilled migrant visa), you must enter within the required timeframe to activate your permanent visa.

All other temporary visa holders MUST NOT enter Australia. If you attempt to enter, your visa may be cancelled. You should check your current visa status on VEVO


If your visa has already been cancelled, please contact us immediately.


If you hold an approved visa, you can retain it until Australia re-opens its borders. However, if your visa expires before this happens, you must re-apply for the visa. This includes those who hold a Bridging Visa B.



If your visa is expiring, you MUST apply for another visa to remain in Australia. The Government has announced potential visa extensions for up to 12 months for persons stranded in Australia.

No Further Stay - Restrictive Conditions 8503, 8534, 8535, 8558


If you hold a visa with a No Further Stay or restrictive condition (8503, 8534, 8535, 8558), you must apply to have this waived. Once the condition is removed, you can apply for another visa to remain in Australia.

International Students

International students may only work 40 hours per fortnight. However, the Government has relaxed this requirement to allow students to work additional hours if:

  1. You are working at a major supermarket, such as Coles or Woolworths, to assist the distribution and supply of groceries. If you are working at another supermarket, your employer may request for your hours to be extended.

  2. You are working at an aged care facility and your employer requires critical assistance arising from workforce shortages.


Your employer must request for additional hours with the Department of Home Affairs.

If your educational institution temporarily closes or classes are suspended, you must remain enrolled in your course. If required, you can seek an extension of your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) and apply for a further student visa.

Temporary or Sponsored Workers

If your temporary working visa expires or your employment is terminated, you must either apply for a new visa or find a new employer within 60 days. We are currently making inquiries with the Department of Home Affairs as to whether you can suspend or retain your sponsored position until normal business operations recommence.

The Government will potentially provide special welfare payments to temporary visa holders who have lost their jobs and are unable to return to their home country. If you are experiencing financial hardship, you should also explore the following options:


  • Contact your local Consulate or Embassy office;

  • Inquire with your Australian superannuation company for access to your funds;

  • Inquire with your Australian bank for a short-term loan


If you require assistance in any of the above procedures, please contact us.


We anticipate the Department of Home Affairs to implement further concessions and temporary measure in addressing this global pandemic. To stay informed, subscribe to our updates.

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