Corporate Services

Building Business with Diversity

From South African plumbers and Irish carpenters to Filipino nurses and Canadian teachers, we assist businesses to bring a diversity of skill into their workforce. Our clients have included small to multinational trades & construction companies, government schools and hospitals, fast-food franchises and entities involved with the National Broadband Network and Melbourne MetroTunnel.

Whether you’re a small or larger corporation, a community organisation or a government institution, we can help.

Visa Sponsorships

Any business or organisation may sponsor a foreign person under a variety of visa programs. Whether for employment, short-term projects, cultural exchange or entertainment & sporting events – there is a visa category available for any of these purposes.

As a sponsor, your business or organisation will need to be evaluated for eligibility approval. Your sponsorship approval is normally valid for a few years and you will be able to continue nominating foreign people during this period.

Foreign Worker Recruitment

Whether for temporary or permanent employment, all foreign workers must be nominated for a working visa. Companies may only nominate eligible occupations on the Skilled Occupation List. For some occupations, a foreign worker may be required to complete a mandatory skills assessment before their visa is approved.

There are specific immigration requirements an employer must meet before nominating a foreign worker. This may include the type of business, the proposed salary and whether the position has been advertised in the Australian job market.

Labour Agreements

Labour Agreements refer to a negotiated labour contract with the Government. They are usually required for on-hire labour services, non-listed occupations, skills exemptions or Designated Area Migration Agreements (DAMA).

If you want to sponsor international workers who do not meet the working visa criteria or require exemptions, contact us to discuss a Labour Agreement.

Events & Presentations

We can attend your corporate event as a guest speaker or seminar facilitator. We present topics from general immigration requirements to specific visa applications. Our clients have included international education agencies, Australian universities and institutions, recruitment companies and law firms. We conduct presentations both in Australia and overseas.

We Speak the Language of Immigration.