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Applying for a Bridging Visa can be challenging and overwhelming due to the constant changes, and sometimes, complex information found in the legal requirements for visas. 


Let us do this process for you. We can guarantee your visa application will be submitted in an efficient and accurate approach ensuring the best chance of a positive result.


At D&A we can assist you with the following Bridging Visas applications.

  • Bridging visa A - BVA  (subclass 010)

  • Bridging visa B - BVB  (subclass 020)

  • Bridging visa C - BVC  (subclass 030)

  • Bridging visa D - BVD  (subclass 040 and 041)

  • Bridging visa E - BVE  (subclass 050 and 051)

Bridging Visas 


A Bridging visa i​s a temporary visa. It can be granted to allow you to remain lawfully in Australia until you are able to make a substantive  visa application, waiting for an application to be processed or until you make arrangements to leave Australia.

Depending your status and type of your current substative visa, you may leave and return to Australia while your application for a new substantive visa is being processed.

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