A bridging visa is not a substantive visa – it only allows you to legally remain in Australia until your new visa is decided or your immigration matter is resolved. You can only apply for a bridging visa if your visa has expired. Bridging visas have different functions and you must comply with the conditions imposed on it.

Visa Conditions

You must comply with any visa conditions imposed on your visa such as work limitations, health insurance, course enrollment or ‘No Further Stay’. You may be able to change or remove a visa condition if you are applying for another visa or you have compelling circumstances.

If you want to apply for a bridging visa or change your visa conditions, contact us now!

We ​assist with the following Bridging Visa applications:

  • Bridging Visa A (subclass 010)

  • Bridging Visa B (subclass 020)

  • Bridging Visa C (subclass 030)

  • Bridging Visa D (subclass 040/041)

  • Bridging Visa E (subclass 050/051)

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